New English Bible Study

Dear brethren, next Tuesday (16th), 7:30 pm, we will begin our first ever English Bible Study project! In this semester we’ll be navigating the thrilling waters of 1Peter, which is the same book we’ll be studying at the church’s Family Groups. Our meetings will be held every other Tuesday.

Our primary goal is to reach and serve foreign residents in Brasilia with the word of our Savior Jesus Christ. In light of the presence of several embassies/consulates, international schools, and foreign institutions in our city, we understand that the Great Commission entrusted to us by our Lord Jesus—to proclaim the good news of salvation and the kingdom—extends to all nations, peoples, and tribes among us as well (Matt. 28:18-20). Moreover, this group is open to all who have a desire to practice English in a Christian, biblical, God-glorifying context.

If you want to learn more and get involved with this project, please contact us through e-mail. We also have a WhatsApp group (English-only) for communications and interaction among participants. We pray that the Lord may bless this initiative with His precious grace, guiding us with his Word and Spirit as He works in our midst and transforms hearts, for his own glory.